Polari Design — Old Vic New Voices

Brand Identity, Campaigns

Following the refresh of the theatre’s main brand, we unified the outreach departments of the Old Vic

The previous Old Vic New Voices logo repeated the crest of the Old Vic logo, which felt repetitious when used alongside each other as was becoming more the case as the New Voices department began working more closely with the theatre company.

The later addition of the three strands of work (Emerging Talent, Community and Education) as further sub-brands also created an additional level of branding. The recent branding refresh led by Rose Design had stripped back the different elements of the main brand, streamlining the companies of The Old Vic Trust, Theatre Company, tours, and business operations to use the same logo, and we felt that the same solution was needed here, whilst still giving clarity that the Old Vic New Voices work was distinct from mainhouse productions.

Using the redrawn Baylis typeface by Colophon, we devised a simplified titling system, to be always used in conjunction with the main Old Vic logo.

Polari Design — Old Vic New Voices

Use of lowercase in the titling gave a more informal approach to help encourage engagement from people who may have previously felt that theatre wasn’t for them.

Alongside the logotype, we redesigned promotional and evaluation print, email templates and created a sizing structure tied to The Old Vic logo.