Bona to varda your
dolly old eek

That means hello in Polari, a not-quite-forgot slang which was popular with actors, circus folk, wrestlers, sailors, criminals and especially the gay subculture up to about the 1970s.

Polari is a design practice which encompasses graphics, identity, creative campaigns, print, editorial and websites. We’re all about communication. So take the weight off your lallies and have a troll ’round our work.

Polari Design — Have We Met Before?

Film titles and poster design for a short film depicting 50 years of queer history in under 15 minutes.

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Polari Design — Deptford Pride

Creating a vibrant identity for a community Pride event.

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Polari Design — The Park Nursery

Branding and website for a London nursery with an enviable amount of outdoor space.

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Polari Design — Get Together for Cardboard Citizens

Identity for biennial fundraiser for homeless charity Cardboard Citizens.

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Polari Design — Cybil's House

Branding a cabaret and dance party for when nowhere feels like home.

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