‘Sensored’ Magazine

Brand Identity, Editorial Design

An ode to the beauty found in the erotic, explored through art, literature and photography

Sensored expands expectations of erotica in terms of the bodies featured and how explicitly they are shown. It helps artists and models alike take back control of what they document, defying the increasing limits placed by cyber censorship.

After launching Issue 1 in 2021, the magazine’s editor Tom Selmon approached us to design the second issue. Following discussions about his ambitions for the magazine, we undertook a detailed development process for the inside layouts as well as expanding the scope of the project to include the cover masthead and overall branding.

Taking our lead from Selmon’s thoughts about wanting the magazine to have a sense of motion; be flirtatious; tongue-in-cheek; sophisticated but playful, and also that readers enjoyed the soft and gentle nature of the first issue, we had plenty of inspiration to build on.

The new masthead uses a customised logotype using Gaya, a modern but retro-referencing font by Out of the Dark type foundry. The font is also used within the full visual identity including feature titles inside the magazine.

Issue 2 features fifteen contributors from around the globe, with each artist offering their own unique, uncensored interpretation of sex, nudity, and erotica.

Peter was excellent to work with. His redesign of Sensored for our second issue has created a beautiful, high-end publication. He was extremely good at listening to the feeling I wanted the magazine to emote, and turned that into an end product that I am extremely proud of

Tom Selmon, Founder & Editor, Sensored